Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Friday night fever

Thank the gods of Bangla lager, Ouzo and Southern Comfort that on Friday night I was still labouring under such a monumental hangover that I couldn't go out and consequently caught the glut of entertainment on Channel 4.

'The Book Group' - A very unusual and original series. Perhaps most unusual of all is the fact that the very same James Lance who, as porter Ben, suavely charms receptionist Sophie (Sally Phillips) in the first series of 'I'm Alan Partridge', can, with the addition of copious amounts of facial hair, play a rather disturbing conceptual artist quite so convincingly.

'Make My Day' - Hugely entertaining piffle. But what a surprise that the show's male Geordie subject was a simple-minded breast obsessive. Not a true representation, I feel.

'V Graham Norton' - Hasn't Kelly Osbourne got a strangely-shaped face? That haircut doesn't help.

'Born Sloppy' - Jack Osbourne eating ants, with a supporting cast of Jimmy Carr, Tommy Vance, Matt Lucas and David Walliams. Nuff said.

'Top Ten TV Bastards' - Watchable if only to serve as a reminder that before 'Bottom' Rik Mayall took an interest in acerbic satire in his role as Alan B'Stard, and that 'Grange Hill''s Mr Bronson really was one bad-ass teacher.

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