Friday, December 27, 2002

Trampled on by the Trotters

Bolton's players must have been VERY FUCKING WELL-BEHAVED this year, given the generosity of our Santa Claus back four yesterday. I can just imagine Sam Allardyce's pre-match team talk... "OK, so it's one win in 15 games, lads, but hey - Newcastle are in town and they're in an even more charitable mood than normal! Make sure you say thank you!" So, what with gifts for the Bolton fans and players, any neutral onlookers (in the form of a thoroughly entertaining match) and the pundits (who hardly need any more invitations to criticise our defence), the only people who come away from yesterday afternoon's debacle empty-handed are the Toon fans like yours truly. Brute fact: Championship contenders do not lose at Bolton.

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