Thursday, October 24, 2002

It's a kind of magic

At last! A goal for Newcastle in Europe (albeit thanks to that clown Buffon)! And, what's more a victory to savour, the first over Juventus by any team this season! I'm sure I wasn't alone in my intense irritation at the London-centric media's attempts to write us off before this game - did you actually WATCH our first three games, lads? Apart from the odd period in the Kiev game, we hadn't been outclassed and with a bit of luck would have beaten Feyenoord and got a draw in Turin (had Shearer's header been recognised as legitimate). But yesterday: well, richly deserved. 110% ... hearts on sleeves ... passion and energy ... Titus Bramble and Andy O'Brien taking on Del Piero - Davids v Goliath anyone? But the young lads came up trumps - the emphasis more on 'diamonds' than 'rough' for a change. Now all we need is our mercurial Mr Robert to come up with the goal that's long overdue given the number of excellent chances he's missed already this season.

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