Saturday, September 01, 2018

All I want

In the course of preparing for tonight's Ride gig (I do try to be a diligent reviewer, you know), I stumbled across this episode of What's In My Bag? featuring guitarist/vocalist Andy Bell and bassist Steve Queralt.

Aside from Queralt choosing ambient metal chanteuse Myrkur, their picks were less obscure or random than those of others (hello Bradford Cox!), but they still ranged from Godspeed You! Black Emperor to Abba via Oh Sees, Kendrick Lamar, DIIV, Derrick Carter, Depeche Mode, Brian Eno and Psychic TV.

I owe Queralt a debt of gratitude for selecting Sharon Van Etten's Because I Was In Love, the snippet of opening track 'I Wish I Knew' doing more than enough to convince me to revisit an artist I've previously failed to click with. Similarly, I also owe Bell - though that's for reassuring me that my dislike of Mac DeMarco is well founded.

I also enjoyed Queralt's story about finally being granted access to the hallowed in-store record player when he worked at Our Price in Oxford, only to commit the faux pas of playing Cocteau Twins' Victorialand at the wrong speed. He's right, though - it probably does sound just as good.

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