Friday, August 31, 2018

Kill Venerate your idols

Since Sonic Youth split, the principal songwriters - Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon and Lee Ranaldo - have each pursued their own particular paths. All of them have moved on from the classic sound of albums like Goo and Dirty, when Sonic Youth were at their most accessible (everything being relative, of course). Which is where Deaf Wish's Lithium Zion comes in. It doesn't add anything new, but if you're going to pay homage to anything, you could do much worse than their chosen subjects.

If only I could be so positive about the other LP I reviewed for Buzz this month. The Coral's Move Through The Dawn is a career low - and coming so soon after what looked like a return to form.

Also reviewed this month were the newies from Interpol, Oh Sees, White Denim and BC Camplight.

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