Saturday, May 20, 2017

Treasure trove

Despite what you may have thought from posts appearing on this site over the last few months, Cardiff's Womanby Street isn't home to music venues alone. New since I left Cardiff in 2007, the Castle Emporium stands opposite (in both literal and metaphorical senses) to Elevens, the recently opened sports bar collaboration between Brains and Gareth Bale. Inside, you'll find a coffee and vinyl shop, vintage clothing, a comic stall, a skate shop, a bitcoin ATM and plenty of beards. So far, so hipster.

But the cafe in question, Outpost, does do extremely good coffee and play decent music while you're enjoying it; The SHO Gallery & Shop, on the upper balcony, is well worth a browse; and Heads Above The Waves - a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness of depression and self-harm - has a shop there to support its invaluable work.

I've long thought that every city should have its own equivalent of Afflecks in Manchester - and it seems as though Cardiff, at least, does.

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