Wednesday, March 12, 2014


As encouraging as it is to see the likes of Eagulls and Evil Blizzard getting some mainstream exposure, this Guardian article is one of those irritating pieces that surface occasionally in which disparate bands are grouped together under some kind of contrived banner. Author Dave Simpson admits the featured acts have "little in common" beyond being angry and loud and having a commitment to confrontation. Apparently this is "one of this year's more unlikely trends". No it isn't - there have been bands doing this all along; it's just that the mainstream media have only now chosen to acknowledge it.

Rather than drawing tenuous links between very different bands and trying to fabricate a scene, it would be much more valuable to look at one that does genuinely exist. How's about a piece on the Brudenell Social Club, which regularly plays host to some great touring acts and has established itself at the heart of the Leeds music scene as a home-from-home for the likes of Eagulls?

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