Friday, July 14, 2006

Can you dig it?

At least, that's what the job advert should have said. Perusing all the dead-end jobs in the job centre on Wednesday, I came across this one, which is dead-end in another sense:


Applicants must be physically fit as you will be required to lift weights in excess of 25 kilograms and in possession of a full driving licence. Overtime working as required. Full training in all aspects of the job will be provided. Main duties include locating graves to prepare, dig and backfill graves by hand, including the use of necessary shoring and plant. Other duties include the maintenance of flower / shrub beds, hedges and grass cutting, general cemetery maintenance of sweeping, litter collection and cleaning

I seem to remember Pete being tempted by the prospect of working as a gravedigger a while ago. I don't have a full driving licence, so that ruled it out for me immediately - a good thing, probably, because I would have no doubt disconcerted my colleagues and visitors to the cemetery by singing "Diggin' the grave, diggin' the grave" as I worked...

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