Friday, January 28, 2005

Quote of the day

"I stopped hating Bush. It's like there's nothing there and you can't hate a void. I mean, look at him, at his awkward smugness, a summation of the angry white backlash made flesh, an action figure put together from all the maddest post-WW2 conspiracy theories to divert the attention, to put a human face on countless monstrosities and machinations. He's just a useful fiction, like those WMD, like the Social Security crisis, a plot device required to explain away otherwise unbelievable developments in the storyline of our times, something that emerged, blinking and smirking, from the troubled sleep of 20th century America with two sitcom daughters, a three word vocabulary ('Freedom', 'Liberty', and 'Huhmericuh') and a glib answer to everything. Without him it all falls apart, he's the pivot that keeps the neo-cons and the born-again Dixiecrats from falling out, the dubious point on the wobbly Venn diagram where psycho-capitalism meets apocalyptic evangelism, yet he's barely there."

Amblongus on Dubya.

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