Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Splits left, right and centre!

Not only have Busted parted company - the massively-eyebrowed Aereogramme-loving one to pursue a career in Fightstar - but Mclusky - responsible for some of the noisiest stuff around, as well as some inspired album titles - have voluntarily gone the way of the dodo. The world will be a quieter place without them.

Meanwhile, and much to Phill's chagrin, after five years together art-punk demons Ikara Colt have also decided to knock it on the head. In the words of vocalist Paul Resende: "Better to go out this way than to turn into some old, tired and jaded outfit. As we always said this was never a career choice or a lifestyle option and sadly most bands I see seemed to be for those reasons.".

Elsewhere, Sean O'Hagan has interviewed Mark E Smith for the Observer, in advance of Friday's screening of the BBC4 film 'The Fall: The Wonderful and Frightening World of Mark E Smith'. "I love going out and doing it more than ever", he confesses.

(Thanks to Phill and Pete for the links.)

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