Friday, January 21, 2005


Welcome additions to the SWSL blogroll:
New York London Paris Munich, a very fine collaborative music blog which should really have been staple reading for some time now
Delrico Bandito, whose author is an acquaintance of mine working down in tha meeja in That London

Jonathan charts an eventful year in the life of charming tikka-tanned racist Robert Kilroy-Silk;

Skif ponders whether or not to stage a brave return to the gig-promoting malarkey;

Jonathan weaves an intricate tale out of disparate details - dodgy right ankles, baby sick and the whiff of near-glory on the football pitch - and still manages to give it a happy ending;

Nick introduces us to "The God Man";

Amblongus enjoys the Sings Reign Rebuilder LP by GY!BE offshoot Set Fire To Flames;

Phill comes out in full support of the campaign to have darts officially recognised as a sport;

and Backroads is puzzled by the appearance of a "crap circle" near his house.

PS The deadline for submitting your Top 50 UK #1 singles for Mike's ILM poll has been extended to Sunday lunchtime. The results will then be revealed between 4pm and 7pm, in the usual chart slot.

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