Friday, January 28, 2005


Remember last Friday's meme? Well, the flame's been kept alive on a whole host of blogs: Excuse Me For Laughing, Hobo Tread, 1000 Shades Of Grey, Pent Up Digital Fury, Delrico Bandito and Amblongus.


Inspector Sands finds himself caught up in amongst a clash between pro-Israel and pro-Palestine protesters - "the jeering, the hatred in their eyes, struck a sicker note than usual, after having watched the commemorations at Auschwitz. I swear I could have felt a few million bodies turn in their graves that moment";

Phill reviews the NME Tour, which came to Birmingham earlier this week and featured SWSL favourites The Futureheads alongside The Killers, Bloc Party and The Kaiser Chiefs, and also laments the demise of a music scene that may or may not have existed;

and Mike has some fun with the St Andrews University Face Transformer - "While Elderly Mike terrifies me (the whiskey-soaked bottom-pinching scourge of Harpenden Conservative Club), I think that Caucasian+ Mike (middle manager, keen gardener and church warden) possibly represents a truer articulation of my fears".

Incidentally, Mike's ready to mourn the closure of "the last remaining outpost of true Bohemia in Nottingham". George's closes its doors for the last time on Saturday, and Mike, Mish and others will be there to see the old place off. Expect tales of a descent into "divinely decadent oblivion" on Monday, then...

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