Monday, March 15, 2004

Feel good hits of the 15th March

1. 'I Left You' - Sophia
2. 'Where Did You Sleep Last Night?' - Nirvana
3. 'This Is Not' - Blonde Redhead
4. 'I Think I'm In Love' - Spiritualized
5. '1% Of One' - Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks
6. 'Tropical Iceland' - The Fiery Furnaces
7. 'Last Nite' - The Strokes
8. 'A Truth Quietly Told' - The Black Heart Procession
9. 'The Beach At Redpoint' - Boards Of Canada
10. 'Glitterball' - Seachange

The Sophia album People Are Like Seasons is very frustrating - several brilliant songs (especially 'I Left You' and 'Desert Song No 2') but also a few which really let it down ('Holidays Are Nice', I'm looking at you - urgh). Perhaps I would have been better off getting De Nachten or one of the earlier LPs first. Part of the problem has been listening to it alongside Spiritualized - Spaceman and his mob of zonked-out canesters do both the slow epics and the bristling Stooges / Stones-y rockers better.

Malkmus's Pig Lib has also taken time to bed down with me - a lot less whimsical and breezy than his first solo outing, and perhaps the worse for it. There's definitely some good stuff in there, though.

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