Monday, January 13, 2003

From the sublime to the ridiculous Part Two

Last night I watched with interest Peter Oborne's investigative report on Channel 4 into how Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe is starving his own people to death for political ends. Spectator journalist Oborne might not have been the most sensitive and diplomatic of reporters, most notably when berating and bullying Minister for Africa Baroness Amos, but the stark reality of life in Zimbabwe, as revealed by the secret camera footage, was undeniably powerful, and I was left feeling informed and indignant at our government's unsubstantiated rhetorical pledges.

The fat controllers at Channel 4 had then scheduled an hour-long preview of their new reality TV show 'The Salon'. It took me over 45 minutes to come to my senses, realise that it was utterly mindless shite and that it was actively making me more dumb, and switch off in disgust.

TV: it's a minefield all right.

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