Monday, January 06, 2003

Blogfiends of the world unite!

Another day, another fine music-centred blog upon which I find I have stumbled, thanks to Dead Kenny. Allow me, gracious reader, to point you in the direction of No Matter What You Heard, where you will find, among other things, a fantastic Top Ten Albums Of 2002 list. Steve - you, sir, have exquisite taste. What's more, I couldn't agree more with your suggestion that Amy Phillips of Village Voice was embarrassingly wrong about Sonic Youth's Murray Street record, and I even sent her a somewhat indignant email to tell her so.

Cheers also to Wan for appreciating recent attempts to drag my blog away from the gutter and towards the stars with some more considered opinion and thought, whilst running the perpetual risk of self-indulgence and pretention. Whisper it, or he'll get even more fat-headed, but Olav's blog remains something of a benchmark - although there are imaginings therein which make me shudder.

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