Thursday, March 19, 2020

Food fight

It's a horrendous time to be a small business, for sure - so hats off to some of our favourite places to eat and drink locally, who are finding creative ways to fight back.

Nook are continuing to serve sit-down diners, though tables have been removed to ensure social distance can be maintained, and have rapidly rolled out a Cook & Collect service. Likewise, Victoria Park neighbours Bwydiful are open for business but are offering their entire menu for takeaway. If pizza's more your thing, you can turn to Dough Thrower or Dusty Knuckle, while Milkwood have cleaned and reinstalled an old pizza oven and will be offering homemade Italian food for collection from tomorrow.

For liquid refreshment, Pop 'N' Hops remains open for all your craft beer stockpiling needs, and Trev's brought forwards his plans to start a delivery service to ensure that no one's left high and dry. It's tougher for licensed premises, but St Canna's is welcoming anyone who wants to drop by to pick up some fresh beer for consumption at home, and you can also support them by buying a voucher to redeem when everything gets back to a semblance of normality.

And then there's Pettigrew. Two years ago, back when we thought snowfall constituted disruption to daily life, the bakery was on hand to keep Canton well fed. Well, the same is true now. Today has been largely fuelled by a large ciabatta loaf, slabs of chocolate brownie and Uncommon Ground coffees. The latter illustrate the beauty of the place: support them and you're also supporting other local businesses at a time when they need it most.

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