Friday, February 14, 2020

Sound advice

How better to mark Valentine's Day than with the return of Uncle Agony (aka Aidan Moffat) to the Quietus? Here he is responding to a message from a musician secretly in love with their guitarist and asking whether it would be wise to make a move:

"While the thought of being in a band with a romantic or sexual partner fills me with screaming horror - don't shit where you eat, as the saying goes - it all depends on how much you value your band, and whether you think your working relationship can survive the inevitable new pressures that love and lust provide. Shagging's great, but it's also a gateway to many other emotions that may not have existed before: jealousy, infatuation, obsession, insecurity... emotions that may become especially apparent as you watch your paramour nightly shredding their way into the hearts, minds and pants of ripe, enthusiastic and sexually generous fans. ... If you think it's worth risking your band's future to feel those rough, calloused fingertips gently caressing your electrified gooseflesh in a twenty-six-pound Travelodge, then just go for it, and enjoy it while it lasts. Which probably won't be forever."

Sage advice, to be fair. Here's hoping this isn't just a one-off and he's back in the position for the long term, eh? Or maybe he could alternate with Andrew Falkous of Mclusky and Future Of The Left?

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