Friday, February 14, 2020

From Hero to villain

A slow hand clap for Slowthai for instantly pissing away his Hero Of The Year status with Wednesday night's onstage antics - though no doubt the NME will be delighted that he's helped to remind people that their awards night is still a thing. There's since been an apology, but also a simultaneous attempt to make light of his conduct by claiming it "started as a joke".

Inevitably, the backlash has been swift, and he's already found himself stripped of his ambassadorial role for Record Store Day. Nadine Shah is just one of those who has stuck the boot in: "Glad others are now awake to the fact that Slowthai is a waste of space, opportunistic little shit. Never believed his politics. The kid is a pathetic little jerk." Ouch. It might be a long road back from here.

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