Saturday, February 24, 2018

The borrowers

As the heavy hints implied, Yo La Tengo's return to the limelight this year isn't limited to just the live environment - they've also got a new album called There's A Riot Goin' On coming out next month. Will borrowing the name of Sly & The Family Stone's seminal 1971 LP prove to be an inspired decision or an act of folly? Naturally, here's hoping for the former.

Certainly, that choice of title does imply that the record will be rather more feisty and raucous than their last, 2013's Fade, which was on the whole a soothing aural balm. According to Pitchfork, though, "it's a sprawling, self-produced collection that glides between blissful record-nerd indie rock and stretches of meditative drone". Sounds like business as usual, then - though if it is, I won't be complaining.

Yo La Tengo are far from the first band to appropriate the name of a celebrated album for their own ends. As this article notes, the likes of The Replacements, Galaxie 500, Lana Del Rey and Lambchop have all done it, and indeed Yo La Tengo's contemporaries Superchunk are about to follow suit by releasing an album named after Drake/Future collaboration What A Time To Be Alive.

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