Wednesday, February 28, 2018


After a strong if (I gather) slightly disappointingly attended debut last year, it's great to hear that Ritual Union will be back again this year. The festival, curated by promoter Future Perfect, will take place on 20th October at various venues along Oxford's Cowley Road, which is perfectly suited to such a bash. The line-up is yet to be announced, but those in the know - specifically Ronan of Nightshift - have intimated that punters are likely to be in for a real treat.

Meanwhile, the bill for this year's Supersonic in Birmingham includes Gazelle Twin, Daniel Higgs and Wolves In The Throne Room, but the main attraction for me would be the promise of not one but two performances by The Ex, with whom I was instantly smitten at the Godspeed!-curated ATP in 2010. One of the two shows will be the Kids' Gig, for which they'll be perfect - as Melt-Banana were last year.

New festivals are springing up all the time and, having not heard of Citadel before, I assumed it was another fresh-faced kid on the block. It turns out it's actually been running since 2015. This year's line-up features plenty of interest, including Chvrches, Fat White Family, Shame, Hawkwind and Goat - and Tame Impala, as long as they avoid anything from Currents...

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