Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The waiting game

Another weekend, another festival that was (it seems) less entertainment and more endurance test. Judging by the complaints levelled at Saturday's Burning Lantern bash, just down the road at St Fagans National History Museum, there were a lot of punters left disgruntled by the infrastructure and the overall experience. My sources on the ground have since said that it wasn't quite as bad as that Wales Online article might suggest, though the queues for food and drink were indeed "terrible" and enough to test "even the most patient of us queue-loving Brits".

The promoters have at least had the decency to hold their hands up and admit their misjudgement - so hopefully lessons will have been learned if the festival goes ahead again next year.

Meanwhile, if you were thinking of taking a pineapple to Reading or Leeds, then be warned: you won't be allowed in. I tell you, it's political correctness gone mad.

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