Monday, July 10, 2017

Noise annoys

The central conceit of Edgar Wright's new film Baby Driver is that its lead character, getaway driver Baby, suffers from tinnitus and constantly needs to drown it out with a specific soundtrack. That's prompted Consequence Of Sound's Lior Phillips to research the condition - and her findings are alarming.

Talking to sufferers, including Quietus founder John Doran, she explains how it develops (through damage to the sensitive sound-conducting hairs in the ear) and notes that there is currently no established cure, meaning that the damage is permanent. For gig-goers and musicians, Doran observes, it's not merely a matter of volume - it can also be caused by poor-quality PAs. He's not exaggerating when he says that tinnitus has driven people to suicide - take the tragic example of Inspiral Carpets drummer Craig Hill.

I've experienced tinnitus myself - when I've had blocked ears and after particularly loud gigs. Thankfully, it's only ever been temporary, but this article is a timely reminder to be sensible and not to take it lightly. Perhaps investment in a proper pair of earplugs would be wise.

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