Friday, June 24, 2016

Exit strategy

Democracy, eh? Bravo, UK, bravo. *very slow handclap*

Tempting though it is to think that we're all now going to hell in a handcart, and much as Brexit is (or at least looks like) a victory for bloody-mindedness and xenophobia that threatens to condemn the UK to isolation and obscurity, it's worth noting that there was a rational, largely cogent leftist/Green case for voting Leave (not that you'd have known it from the media). The belief that national sovereignty could be restored in an era of globalisation and international corporate power - a belief that Leavers of all hues seem to share - looks rather naive and quaint, but now that the damage has been done, those of us on the left have no option but to cling to the hope that the country can now be wrestled back from Farage and company. It's a task akin to attempting to turn around an oil tanker in a canal. But a politics of fear has brought us to this juncture; it's time for a politics of hope.

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