Sunday, June 05, 2016

A Common occurrence?

According to comments from festival organiser Rob da Bank in the Oxford Mail, Common People could well be back next year: "we have a handshake in place". A good thing, on balance - South Park is ripe for that kind of event.

Reading between the lines, though, it sounds like this year's event wasn't an unmitigated success. He was defensive about ticket sales - "We had 15,000 people each day, which is great. Anyone else putting on a show like this for the first time would find that incredible" - and also hinted at teething problems: "Our festivals are always a long-term plan. They take a year or two to bed in but we are getting good at that." There was also a bullish slap in the face for the naysayers: "There was a little bit of doubt that we might not pull it off, so I am really proud of my whole Oxford team for making it happen."

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