Thursday, December 17, 2015

Not guilty as charged - but not innocent either

"I have been vindicated", claimed DJ Neil "Dr" Fox bullishly upon being acquitted of sex assault charges - and, if you read the papers, you might think he was justified in doing so. According to the Secret Barrister, though, that's not the case - as even a cursory examination of the full written judgement indicates. Ultimately, though he may not have been found guilty of the specific charges against him, this was more a matter of technicalities and semantics than anything else: "a criminal court found beyond reasonable doubt that he had touched a series of women, without their consent, in a way that caused them some considerable distress". In the circumstances, then, he would probably have been wiser not to have crowed about his innocence...

(Thanks to Neil - not that one - for the link.)

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