Thursday, January 15, 2015

Turn left?

What to make of the fact that far-right groups in the UK are apparently "at their weakest for 20 years"? At first glance, this is a very welcome state of affairs - but, on reflection, I do wonder whether those groups' dwindling power and membership are actually due to would-be supporters feeling that many of their concerns and attitudes are now embraced and endorsed in the mainstream by UKIP.

On the subject of whom, Al Murray has announced that the Pub Landlord will be standing against Nigel Farage for the seat of South Thanet, promising "a British moon on a British stick". Farage has welcomed the news, referring to the Landlord as probably his only "serious opposition". He may have been joking, but he should actually be worried. After all, unfortunately for Murray, a large segment of his audience misses all the subtleties and irony, and views the Landlord affectionately rather than as a satirical creation. As a result, the Landlord could well end up stealing a few votes away from UKIP...

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