Thursday, January 15, 2015

Quote of the day

"Most people don't understand that I'm more of a theatre director - if you were in the Pumpkins I'd figure out what you do well, I'd create an idealised version of what you do, I'd cast you in a particular role, I'd make you seem real good, sound real good, and as long as you're willing to work within that role I'll make you look great, I'll make me look great and everybody moves on. Which is why a lot of times, when you see people away from me you don't see so much idealisation in their voices because they don't have me writing the part for them. People have a really hard time with that because ultimately they have to point the credit at me, and they don't want to give me that kind of credit because they've spent seven to ten years trying to take that credit from me and saying 'There's no way that guy did that, it must have been Butch Vig, it must have been this, it must have been that...' - that's not how it worked."

The ever modest Billy Corgan talking to Drowned In Sound's Marc Burrows.

Elsewhere in the interview, as Burrows points out, motormouth Corgan appears very confused over whether new Smashing Pumpkins album Monuments To An Elegy is a case of moving with the times and giving people what they want to hear or a defiant fuck you to the world. It can't really be both, Billy...

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