Thursday, January 15, 2015

Manna from heaven

Stewart Lee's response to Steve Emerson's incredible gaffe on Fox News may be characteristically tongue in cheek, but I really wouldn't put it past him to try to develop a full show of Muslim-friendly material by the time his tour passes through Birmingham on 2nd May. Talking to the Guardian's Tim Lewis prior to the tour starting, he already had half an hour of material on Islamophobia and claimed he worries where inspiration will come from: "Now I’m just hoping that some sort of event will descend on me." Emerson's comments may have come as manna from heaven, then.

As well as being quizzed by Lewis, Lee also answered questions from the Guardian's Tim Lewis as well as a clutch of readers and celebrities (Caitlin Moran, Robin Ince, Kevin Eldon, Richard Ayoade, Grayson Perry, Josie Long and Robert Peston). Revelations included: Hex Induction Hour is his favourite Fall album (and indeed his favourite album of all time), he thinks the internet is making people unhappier, he's likely to vote Green in the General Election, he's slightly embarrassed about now having "to make some sort of separation between yourself and the character on stage" as a result of his slow-burning success, he has some positive things to say about Russell Brand, and he's smitten with Sleaford Mods ("a horrible Pet Shop Boys" recommended to him by Paul Putner).

I made particular note of this comment: "When he wanted to make a recording of his 90s Comedian show in 2006 – which both the Times and Chortle, the comedy-business website, would subsequently declare the best standup DVD of the decade – Lee was told by his then agent that he couldn’t even give the filming rights away." That recording kickstarted his success - all the more reason to love Go Faster Stripe for putting their faith in the project.

(Thanks to Mike and Neil for the links.)

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