Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Know Your Enemy

"Exploiting the first world war for commercial gain is tasteless. This, however, is not what disturbs me most. The really upsetting details are the stunning shot of the robin on the wire, the actors’ trembles as they cautiously emerge from the trenches, half expecting a sniper’s bullet, the flicker of understanding in the eyes as the young soldiers reach into their pockets at the end. The film-makers here have done something to the first world war which is perhaps the most dangerous and disrespectful act of all: they have made it beautiful."

The Guardian's Ally Fogg nails what's most offensive about the Sainsbury's ad.

Since when did the Christmas TV ad become such a culturally significant phenomenon? So significant that they're fawned over on social media by people who really should know better (ie acquaintances of mine), and that Waitrose can send an email offering a sneak preview of their effort on the assumption - nay, secure in the knowledge - that many customers will be grateful for the opportunity. It's mid-November, and already I'm muttering "Bah humbug" on a daily basis...

(Thanks to Jen for the link.)

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