Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Nick of time

A while back I suggested that it wouldn't be too much fun to have Richard Dawkins as a dad. Judging by this excellent recent profile piece in the New York Times, being the spawn of Nick Cave doesn't sound so bad, though. I might have to instigate Inappropriate Film Night with Stan, just to see if we experience "a wonderful bonding moment" over Dawn Of The Dead...

Nice to see, too, that, like many music-obsessed parents, he's regularly aggrieved by his offspring's taste: "They’re just grabbing stuff, on Spotify and all that, and occasionally they’ll find something that’s really mind-blowing. But sometimes I hear what they’re playing, and I just want to cut my wrists".

Rewind to 1988, and few people who came across NME journo Jack Barron's account of his explosive encounter with Cave could have ever imagined he'd ever go on to have kids and become the sort of person who not only keeps disciplined office hours but actually goes to an office to work. I think it's fair to say age has mellowed him somewhat - that, and kicking the drug habit...

(Thanks to Phill for the link.)

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