Thursday, July 03, 2014

"Books change lives"

Back in March, when I put up a post endorsing Kathy Lette's indignation at of the ban on books being sent to prisoners, I'll admit that a small part of me wondered whether this was just my not-so-inner liberal leftie speaking, taking little or no account of the views of inmates themselves. For all I knew, they might not have given a toss about either the ban or those of us appalled by its introduction.

Well, it turns out I wasn't alone - but, unlike me, Scott Pack actually decided to follow up that thought and investigate further by contacting someone who works across several prisons as a Reader Development Officer. Their email exchange, reproduced in full on Pack's site, is an enlightening read - as well as an reassuring one for us both, with his correspondent confirming the existence of the ban, its depressing impact, the dismay of the prisoners and the general role and value of books within a prison context.

(Thanks to Simon for the link.)

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