Saturday, November 30, 2013

Know Your Enemy

"Anything or anybody connected or playing at ATP festivals are fascist money grabbing necrorophiliac [sic] scum"

Quite an announcement from Mark Stewart of The Pop Group, on the day the last ever ATP weekender started - a weekender that his band were due to play. This was only one of a series of explosive (and seemingly drunken) tweets in which ATP were labelled "a bunch of cunts" and Rough Trade's Geoff Travis, Daniel Miller and ATP's Barry Hogan were singled out by name. (Perhaps he and Morrissey could bond over their dislike for Travis?)

The tweets have since been removed and replaced with an apologetic request to "pls excuse my rants", explaining he'd had "a serious meltdown". If they do end up playing the festival (or have already done so), I expect relations may be somewhat frosty...

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