Friday, November 01, 2013

Know Your Enemy

"You fail to point to a single line in the whole of Leveson or of the charter that would prevent investigative or public interest journalism. Or a single witness at Leveson arguing that it should. Or a single politician wanting to do so. Because there is none. David, if your article were a schoolboy's essay, it would score highly for style. But it would be covered in red ink with frequent use of the word 'sloppy', finishing with: 'See me'."

Steve Coogan takes fellow comedian David Mitchell to task for suggesting that politicians should keep their noses out of press regulation, in terms that are likely to smart. Guardian journalist Nick Cohen, writing in support of Mitchell's case in the Spectator, has consequently described Coogan as "the new Richard Littlejohn". Ouch.

(Thanks to Stuart for the Spectator link.)

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