Thursday, November 14, 2013

Atrocity exhibition

Given that Stewart Lee was appalled at the fact that YO! Sushi were marketing a dish called Love Will Tear Us Apart, I can only imagine what he might make of the fact that someone's just trousered £8400 from the eBay sale of the table from the kitchen of 77 Barton Street, in which Ian Curtis hanged himself. Needless to say, his family and former bandmates were none too impressed either.

So, what's next to go up for auction? Kurt Cobain's gun? Marc Bolan's tree? Mama Cass' ham sandwich?

1 comment:

skif said...

I've got a crisp fiver here, how much of Elvis's karzi can I get a hold of?

And when Mark E. Smith gets fatally glassed in a Cheetham Hill backstreet boozer, I will bid on both real teeth that come loose as well as his falsies.