Thursday, October 10, 2013

Quote of the day

"Higgs, who is currently deliberating between the license plates PART1CLE or H1GG5, said: 'In the place where I grew up, physics was the only route out. I saw neighbourhood physicists in their sports cars and designer clothes and thought yeah, I gotta get some theories.'"

The Daily Mash report on Peter Higgs' decision to spend his Nobel Prize money on "a pimped-out SUV". Nice to know that despite all the praise and commendation, he's keeping it real.

(Thanks to Nick for the link.)


Simon said...

I got curious: the pictured car is a Hamann Motorsport Mystere, costing €180k before tax, or about £182k with tax. The current Nobel prize money is 8m SEK, or £770k, per full Nobel, so Higgs got £385k - which is enough to buy two.

Ben said...

Nice research there. Of course, he could have bought just the one and saved the rest for petrol money. And does that £182,000 include the cost of blue lights underneath and the hot tub in the back?