Sunday, September 15, 2013

Massaging the history

When I first heard that Kim Gordon was planning on publishing a memoir, my heart sank. Would this be a bitter warts-and-all expose of the breakdown of her marriage to Thurston Moore? Moore has behaved badly, but I was hoping Gordon wouldn't stoop so low. Thankfully, though, she hasn't - the memoir is set to recount her experiences before Sonic Youth formed, namely her move from Los Angeles to New York.

I guess one of the benefits of the Moore/Gordon split - and the continued hiatus and probable split of Sonic Youth - is that us fans now get two records instead of one. Moore's Chelsea Light Moving have already put out a blistering debut this year, and Gordon's Body/Head, a collaboration with guitarist Bill Nace, have just released their first offering, Coming Apart, also through Matador. If 'Actress' is anything to go by, she's gone down a much looser, more freeform path than her estranged husband. I prefer Chelsea Light Moving, but that's not to say I'm not intrigued to hear Coming Apart.

(Thanks to David for the link.)

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