Friday, August 02, 2013

Know Your Enemy

"What a week! Oh such boundless joy that transports us to the very heavens! It began with Nicholas Witchell gasping statements such as: 'I am informed the royal cervix has currently widened to 9cm, and the Queen is said to be "thrilled" at this level of dilation.' 'The world waits' were the words the BBC put up, and indeed the whole world was thinking of nothing else. Somali fishermen abandoned their nets, saying: 'Today I cannot concentrate on mackerel to feed my village, as we pray that Nicholas Witchell soon brings us news of the royal head emerging.' In shanty towns of Sao Paulo, the destitute stopped begging to mark the event, declaring: 'The breaking of the royal waters certainly puts our trifles into perspective.'"

Mark Steel in fine form, sinking his teeth into the hysteria surrounding a woman in London giving birth to a baby boy.

(Thanks to Danny for the link.)

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