Saturday, July 27, 2013

Watching what where you eat

Well, this is addictive: looking up postcode areas you know here and seeing which familiar food establishments have failed their inspections.

Often it's hardly a revelation - China Court takeaway a couple of hundred metres from our house here in Abingdon, the Actress & Bishop in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter, Flynn's on the Quayside in Newcastle.

But occasionally the results are a little more surprising. The Sir John Borlase Warren on Canning Circus in Nottingham? It was trying to be vaguely upmarket last I heard. The Flowing Well in Sunningwell? Ditto. The wonderful Cinnamon Tree curry house in Cardiff? Ouch.

And how Coffee & Cream by Aston University in Birmingham isn't represented by a massive red dot is completely beyond me.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link.)

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