Saturday, July 27, 2013

Stadium rock

So Six By Seven are back with a gloweringly awesome new album, Love And Peace And Sympathy. It's like they've never been away. But they have - and so I was wondering what Chris Olley (for he is largely the band these days) has been up to in the meantime. Recording and releasing his own solo stuff under the moniker Twelve, recording and touring with Julian Cope ("Slavish and boring, like working in Sainsburys with a shitty boss. Never confuse eccentricity with fruit cake, kids!"), building and selling effects pedals with now-band mate Martin Cooper under the brand name Coopersonic, writing rejected proposals for books about Dandy Warhols albums and - perhaps most interestingly of all - putting his degree in photography to good use and taking beautifully atmospheric black-and-white pictures of all 92 Football League grounds in the 2009-10 season on non-matchdays.

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