Monday, November 12, 2012

Quote of the day

"Let's just put this out there – if you're listening Wade Barrett we will do your fucking theme tune – just get in touch. That would be the ultimate Situationist, bizarrest spectacle wouldn't it? Us being played over the airwaves in some enormodome in front of 20,000 mad Yanks in Colorado somewhere."

James Dean Bradfield uses a Q interview to offer to write a song for WWF wrestler Wade Barrett. Has it really come to this? Richey, if you're reading, now's the time to come back and put a stop to it.

In rather more welcome music news, Dave Grohl is back behind the drumkit for Queens Of The Stone Age (hopefully the results will be significantly better than the recent QOTSA and Foo Fighters albums) and My Bloody Valentine's third record is on its way, a mere 22 years after Loveless. It's going to have to be mindblowingly good to be worth the wait, Kevin.

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