Thursday, October 25, 2012

Feel good hits of the 25th October

1. 'Stick A Toe In' - Dinosaur Jr
2. 'Jellyfish' - PAWS
3. 'For The Love Of Ivy' - Japandroids
4. 'Half Gate' - Grizzly Bear
5. 'White Math' - Blanck Mass
6. 'Lights In Lines' - Tweak Bird
7. 'Fuzz War' - Ty Segall Band
8. 'Belongings' - Clock Opera
9. 'From Nowhere' - Dan Croll
10. 'Hollow Mountain' - Efterklang
11. 'Swept Away' - The XX
12. 'Mob Life' - YRRS
13. 'Rip' - Ringo Deathstarr
14. 'Fang' - ERAAS
15. 'Brats' - Liars


1. I still think I Bet On Sky is a bit patchy, but this is one of its finest moments.

2., 8., 9. and 12. All highlights from Saturday's Gathering Festival here in Oxford. Full review to appear here shortly. 15. would have been a highlight too, if Liars' hour-and-a-half-late set hadn't been abandoned one and a bit songs in at 2.15am...

3. Superb Gun Club cover from newie Celebration Rock.

4. Well, surprise surprise - Shields is a grower. Who'd have thunk it?

5. Better than anything on the self-titled debut - though it does seem to represent a shift towards rather than away from Ben Power's day job in Fuck Buttons.

6. Stoner rock two-piece who are pally with Melvins. Tweak Bird were never going to bad, were they?

7. The ten-minute-long feedback-fest that concludes Slaughterhouse. Ty Segall's answer to 'Endless Nameless'. Segall's already moved on to another album release, Twins, incidentally.

10. Opening track from the Danes' extraordinary new album Piramida.

11. Genuine beats! I must confess, though, that Coexist hasn't been getting a lot of attention lately.

13. Having been underwhelmed by Colour Trip, I'm contemplating buying Mauve on the back of this. It's hardly rocket science, but then that's not what I want from them.

14. Moody goth electronica with a hypnotic bassline from chaps who used to be ATP-affiliated post-rockers Apse. Didn't even know they'd split up myself...

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